Saturday, April 14, 2012

Award Time!

  Melissa from The Crafty Panda Girl has given me with a Liebster award for blogging.  I feel like Ugly Betty when she got her Blobby.  Excited, honored, and without a clue what it is.
  Turns out it's a networking tool for bloggers, a bit like a chain letter, but instead of scaring people with bad luck if they don't participate, it just gives new bloggers accolades if they do, as well as extra exposure and hopefully, more followers.

‘Liebster means ‘favorite’ or ‘dearest’ in German.  This award, which originated in Germany, recognizes up and coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.

Melissa awarded me the Liebster, so I go to her blog to get my award, and thank her in a comment, as well as adding a link to her blog on mine.  Next, I choose 5 new recipients, and award them the Liebster as well.  If they want to participate, they do the same and we all get more exposure and readers.  It sounds like a win-win situation to me.  I looked at lots of blogs from people who are on Etsy teams with me, and here are my new awardees.  Please take a peek at their lovely blogs!

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  1. Fiona, thank you and your lovely elves for the honor! I will try to do a Liebster soon. :) Cat