Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fairy Fest Costume Preview

          We’re going to the Fairieworlds Festival in a couple of weeks, and I’ve started working on my costume.  I’m planning to wear a pretty pale pink blouse and the pink velvet vest I made for the last Regency picnic.  Here are the new pieces I’ve made so far:

I started with a lace and taffeta jabot.

I have a ruffled bustle.

And a brocade cumberbund accented with lace and antique embroidered silk.

The underskirt is unbleached silk with vintage crocheted lace trim.

The overskirt is embroidered peach organza.

They look lovely together.

My favorite part is the hat.  It has ears! 

I started with a white felt top hat and added peach striped bias-cut taffeta around the edge, along with knife-pleated peach ribbon on the brim. 

I covered the top in point d’ espirt and wrapped the crown in a piece of lace left over from my sister’s wedding dress. 
The ears are brocade and taffeta, and it has a lace fall in the back.
I found a gorgeous shank button made of an Irish penny from the year I was born at the Oregon Country Fair yesterday. 

It looks perfect on the back of my hat.

Now I just need to make some new fairy wings and I’m all set!

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