Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Creations

I haven't blogged in a while, but I have been busy and creative lately.  I've had lots of custom orders through my Etsy shop.  A pirate festival in Connecticut, 1812 celebrations on Canada Day, and an Australian Lady Gaga.  People are having fun all over the world, and I'm thrilled that they are wearing my hats and fascinators!  Here are a few non-Etsy projects I have been working on in the last month.

We updated our Maypole, a tradition in my family.  It was a little late this year, because my parents were in France over May Day, but we did it as soon as they came home.  I use strips of taffeta fabric instead of ribbon, because I can make them nice and wide so they wind around the pole beautifully.  We have a variety of colors every year, and they sometimes change, except for my brother-in-law, who will only participate if he gets a “dirt brown” ribbon.  Here is our maypole this year.

Every year at our winery’s Memorial Day open house, I hang my hand-dyed silk scarves on makeshift clotheslines.  They look particularly lovely when blowing in the breeze.

I recently made a special birthday crown for the little boy of a lady I work with.  I made the numbers out of felt and attached them with velcro so it can be changed and used when he turns two next year.  I got to use a fun new product (new to me, at least).  It’s a fabric that you run through your computer printer.  You can print words and pictures on high quality cotton.  It works wonderfully and I can’t wait to try it again.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to wear more skirts, so I have decided to make myself some fun ones.  Here is my latest.  A pretty blue print with an octopus wrapping his little tentacles around the edge.  I like that the polka dots look like little suckers. I plan to wear it to the beach-themed end of year party at work this week.  I love how it turned out!   

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  1. wow this is so cute, so glad I found your blog on our etsy team site