Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Regency Goblins

Farthing and Snuff are my newest goblins, a pair of Regency cuties.  They are now in my Etsy shop.

Farthing the Regency Goblin Doll
  Farthing is a darling little goblin.  She is a transplant from the English Regency era.  She lives in a little cottage with her very own Mr. Darcy- Snuff.  They have an upper-maid and two parlors and eight cows.  Farthing loves to draw and is an accomplished harpist.  She would be happy to come play the harp and draw for you.

Snuff the Regency Goblin Doll
Snuff is a dapper little goblin, but don’t mistake him for a dandy.  He is a transplant from the English Regency era.  He lives in a little cottage covered with vines with his own true love; Farthing.  She thinks he is every bit as romantic as Mr. Darcy They have a grove of old oaks, a haw-haw and Snuff’s Folly- a Grecian temple.  Snuff drives a barouche and collects snuff-boxes.  He would be happy to share his collection with you.

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