Saturday, August 27, 2011

Regency Beach Picnic

Last week my friends and I had a Regency picnic on the beach.  It was fabulous.  By unspoken rule, we all arrived wearing red and blue, and so looked very 'Rule Britannia'.  I had a new red velvet spencer for the occasion. 

The weather was all grey and foggy, but it was remarkably warm and there was no wind.  I didn't even need to use my parasol.

We met at the beach at Tierra del Mar, and when we walked north we could barely see the houses through the mist. There aren’t any cars on that part of the beach, we only met a couple of horses.  It felt very much like a English beach.

  We went into the water (only ankle deep) and found some beautiful shells.  Then we returned to our blankets and had a glorious feast.

This picnic was planned at the last minute, and many of our friends weren’t able to come, but we definitely want to have another one next year!

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