Wednesday, July 13, 2011

House Elves and Pixies and Goblins, Oh My!

I have finally put some of my house elf and goblin dolls in my Etsy shop.  It’s hard to look at my little darlings and decide which ones I can bear to part with.  Some of them are very sweet, but not very interesting- until I make up their little back story and then they are suddenly full of personality and I want to keep them!  Here are pictures and stories of the first few of the goblin gang who are brave enough to attempt a foray into the world.  Enjoy!

  Puddle is a happy little elf.  She lives in a little English tearoom in the Cotswolds where she has fun polishing silver teapots and trying tea cozies on her head.  She wears a dress she made herself from a bandana, and little white knickers.  Puddle would love to come live at your house and polish your teapots for you!

   Snap is a delightful little pixie.  He loves to sing and dance and dreams of being on the stage.  His favorite song is Singin’ in the Rain.  He has finally found the perfect outfit to perform in.  Won’t you take him home and let him sing and dance for you?

  Blush is a cheerful little goblin.  Don’t be fooled by her horns, she’s a real sweetie.  She lives with her best friend Gilly in a little thatched cottage covered with honeysuckle.  Blush loves to bake, especially peach pie.  She would love to come live with you and bake you pies!

   Gilly is a fancy little goblin.  She and her friend Blush live in a tiny cottage with a beautiful garden and Gilly spends her days tending roses, lavender, and her namesake- gillyweed.  She is dressed in her best outfit, all ready to go to a flower show, or to make you a cup of herbal tea.

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