Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Lovely Day For A Regency Beach Picnic

          Last weekend I went to the coast with some friends from the Emerald Valley Regency Society and we had a lovely picnic on the beach at Tierra Del Mar near Pacific City, Oregon. 

          I had a jaunty new bicorn, and with my blue dress and red spencer and cape, I looked very French Revolution.

          It was a gorgeous day for a picnic.  Saturday was warm and sunny, with just a light breeze.  We were lucky, because on Sunday there was a fierce wind and even some rain.

          As we strolled down the strand, we were enveloped by a fog so dense we couldn’t see more than a few yard in any direction.  It was deliciously spooky, like we could step out the other side and be transported to another time and place- Regency England, perhaps.

          The ocean was swirling around on the beach, creating islands and peninsulas, and lovely safe pools to wade in.

          After a long walk, a little rest was in order for some.

          How wonderful to relax on the sand with good friends and good food.  Not to mention the fun of dressing up.  It was a glorious day altogether!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post ... do you think that you may have lived in that time in England? I often wonder why we are so attracted to certain times in history.

    Thanks so much for sharing your day.

    Happiness always.